‘Covid’ Concerts

Last Autumn Leamington Music succeeded in putting on a concert in Holy Trinity in Leamington and The Dream Factory in Warwick – all carefully planned and socially distanced.

Audience arriving at Holy Trinity for the first concert, masked up and sanitising hands

I thought I should make a record of these unusually socially distanced concerts.

Am working on making paintings from these two drawings.

At the Dream Factory, Fitzwilliam String Quartet celebrated Richard Phillips’s 80th birthday with some wonderful music in the very atmospheric venue. two rows of seats surrounded the well lit string quartet in the middle. It was very dark so my drawings were a bit of a scribble.

I made a painting to commemorate the event

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Singers & Songs

Paintings and drawings (with music) made at concerts promoted by Leamington Music over the last few years.


ABOUT the paintings and drawings in this video

 New College Choir conductor Edward Higginbottom

pastel 50 x 64cm £495 framed


Yorkshire Bach Choir conductor Peter Seymour

acrylic on canvas 35 x 33cm SOLD

Emma Kirkby and Michael Chance sing Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater

Pergolesi Stabat Mater and the butterfly. acrylic/collage, 64 x 88cm £595 framed

I used overlapping painted tissue paper to evoke Emma Kirkby and Michael Chance’s voices overlapping as they sang. And as they sang a butterfly flew across them.

 Emma Kirkby singing in St Mary’s Warwick

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, Emma Kirkby in St Mary’s, Warwick approx 70 x 45cm acrylic on paper SOLD

The title comes from the inscription inside the harpsichord. Her wonderful voice filling the lofty church evoked birds flying upwards, the shapes echoing the shape of her score.

pastel study for the painting above ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi 62 x 82cm £350 framed

Sublime Stile Antico

pastel on paper 30 x 40cm SOLD

12 singers without a conductor, the colours relating to the different voices blending to create a translucent sound leaving the audience on cloud 9.


Avivit Caspi sings a Hebrew Lament

The expressive gestures of her hands needed no translation.

I tried to find a way to draw this using A1 paper, ink, acrylic and collage.

Final collage on right 34 x 63cm £450 framed


Belinda Sykes and Joglaresa

Belinda Sykes, carbon pencil 11 x 9cm £130 Joglaresa Rehearsals carbon pencil 22x30cm

ink/collage 30 x 40cm £285 framed


Roderick Williams singing Schwanengesang

acrylic on canvas 70 x 50cm SOLD

He stands very straight and still with occasional hand gesture when singing. As I like to draw figures in movement I wondered how to deal with this. Everything comes from inside expressed in his wonderful rich baritone. His voice is full of autumn colours which gave me the palette to use. Decided to paint him facing the audience as he is such a communicator.

As opposed to the occasion in Warwick Hall when he performed Wintereisse with the English translation – Roddy walked, gestured, sat with the audience, on the piano stool back to back with the pianist as he sang. It was an outstanding performance, the standing ovation was well deserved. Nobody wanted to go home!

These are sketchbook drawings, carbon pencil and graphite approx 20cm square

An Enthusiastic Conductor

Jonathan Peter Kenny, conductor of the Old Street Band performing Handel in 2012 in Warwick, gave a good opportunity to study a moving figure. I made the following based on these drawings using the Fresh Paint programme on a Microsoft Surface PC.

The Mellstock Band

Small pen drawings made at a concert in Lord Leycester Hospital Warwick. Combined into one image using Fresh Paint program on a Microsoft Surface to make the following:

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint