This Is BIG!


I am in there somewhere contemplating what to do next on this 5′ x 3′ canvas.


I have this post card of a painting by Rembrandt pinned up in my studio showing the artist considering his painting – the painting on the easel is not letting him get to the door to escape it.  I know what he means, mine is likewise!


New Start to New Year

Preparing to stretch a canvas on an inherited 5 x 3ft stretcher.  The label on it plus the number of nails used indicates it is quite old and has been used for different paintings. It came from a neighbour when relatives were clearing his house out.  It is just the right size for its destination but have to have it finished by end April, alongside all the other paintings for my exhibition ‘The Musician is the Music’.  Going to be busy!

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More Paintings for the next exhibition

Saint Saens clarinet sonata

Saint-Saens Clarinet Sonata  (20 x 30″ acrylic on canvas)  performed at last May Festival in the Pump Rooms Leamington Spa.

Roddy performing

Roderick Williams singing Schwanengesang at the Leamington Music Festival last May.    (30 x 20″ acrylic on canvas)

I am primarily interested in musicians when they move as they play, so I find it problematic when singers stand pretty much stock still.   I had to think of how to express this incredibly rich expressive singing which emanates from within and communicates through his expressive face.  Being in the audience I had a few strange scribbly drawings from the front.  But I remembered when he gave us a talk (with much gesticulation!) he told us how nervous you feel when going on to the stage at Wigmore Hall to be faced with a very knowledgeable audience with the score on their lap waiting for you to make a mistake with your German.   So I turned it round and painted him from his point of view, putting a score on a couple of laps.  His voice is full of autumn colours which gave me a palette to use.




New Work

Working hard on paintings for the next exhibition ‘The Musician is the Music’ to be held in the Conservatory of the Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa 3-10 May 2019, part of the Leamington Music May Festival. (  The aim is to integrate the figures into the abstract rendering of the music.

IMG_4685  Ensemble 360 perform Brahms Quintet.  (acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm)

IMG_4682  Takacs Quartet play Mozart (acrylic on canvas 50 x 70cm)

Norfolk drawings

I have a sketchbook specially for drawings I do when we are in Norfolk on holiday.  Here are a few:

IMG_4173 - Copy

Inlet at Titchwell with the colony of seals

IMG_4174 - CopyBrancaster beach looking towards the Golf Club



Costal park looking west.  This path runs for miles through different landscapes all along the North Norfolk coast. This is near Brancaster.

IMG_4179    The Hard at Brancaster Staithe


The annual Ice cream challenge, sail through the creek  to Burnham Overy Staithe, buy and icecream and sail back.  The Toppers couldn’t make it back against wind and tide so had to be towed. I was in the safety boat bouncing up and down hence the bouncy drawing!

IMG_4175 - Copy   Race underway viewed from the beach.

IMG_4178 - Copy

A familiar scene at low tide at Brancaster Staithe.




The Music Room

An exhibition of my musical paintings are currently in the newly arranged Foyer of the Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum.  This will be open from 27 April and over the Leamington Music Festival Weekend 4-8 May.  A lovely light space to show paintings.



The new Foyer arrangement and the new exhibition ‘UNLOCKED Behind the scenes at the Art Gallery & Museum’ were formally launched by a local dignitary cutting the ribbon on Thursday evening 26th April.  Many interested people in attendance who, to the sounds of live music, were plied with prosecco and delicious canapes  to celebrate the event.

Councillor and Chairman Alan Boad cutting the tape

David Guilding, Arts Manager speaking.








Modern Art in a Cathedral?


Staying in Chichester for a family wedding last week we went to look at the Cathedral and found much to interest us.  Dean Walter Hussy in 50’s/60’s? commissioned artists of note to make work, sometimes shocking the congregation, particularly the Graham Sutherland.

The glass entrance doors are particularly fine with a simplicity and elegance that pleases.


The huge John Piper Tapestry (1966 woven in France) behind the main altar gives a luminosity to the shadowy interior



Wandering around exploring different chapels you come across the Chagall window  (1978)



Ceilings of two chapels by the west door


Graham Sutherland ‘Noli me Tangere’ painting which caused such a fuss when it was hung and the row of tapestry kneelers in front of the altar rail.  The theme was a garden.


As you walk around you notice the lovely irregular old tiles on the floor with variations of colour and texture, then there is a glass panel in the floor revealing the remains of a Roman mosaic floor


To the left of the doors going out is the Baptistry with a beautiful contemporary font made from Cornish polyphant stone with copper bowl (designed John Skelton 1983), on the wall above is The Baptism of Christ by Hans Feibusch (1951.



This is really worth a visit,  a class act to have all these interesting pieces of modern art fitting seamlessly into this ancient building – the original built between 1076 and 1108 and added to over the centuries.