Lockdown Drawings

Everything came to a halt with the Coronavirus pandemic and we locked down before the official Lockdown date of 20 March.   We are lucky to have a garden – the sun shone consistently so out came the hammock to relax in after slaving in the garden.   I thought the railings on the balcony and in front of the house were an effective expression of isolation.  Added some colour to evoke all the delights outside that people are unable to enjoy if housebound.

Shortlisted for Election

In February this year I filled in the form applying for election to the Royal Watercolour Society and was very pleased to be shortlisted.

3 framed paintings plus a portfolio of other unframed work (any water based media on paper base) plus sketchbooks and studies to be delivered to Bankside Gallery on March 20th.  The next day the RWS members gather to look at the paintings and portfolios and decide which artists they think should be elected as Associate members.  This means you can exhibit in their exhibitions at the Bankside Gallery, London and participate in their activities.  After three years you may be elected as a full member.

This is a special year as we all know, the Coronavirus year – and the election was cancelled a few days before, postponed until the Autumn.  I am now repainting two of the framed paintings BIGGER, now I have time and I have suitable frames for them.

Digging into Shostakovich                                                   Typical Lutenist pose



Ivon Hitchens exhibition

Visiting Chichester for a family celebration co-incided with a wonderful exhibition ‘Space through Colour’ showing an extensive collection of Ivon Hitchens paintings at the splendid Pallant House Gallery.

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It is always interested to see an exhibition showing an artists’s development through his life and I was fascinated by his still life and figure paintings he did in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Clearly influenced by Braque, I found them full of music.  I am familiar with his reference to music in his landscape paintings, but I was really inspired by these still life paintings as I am currently using colour, shape and line  in an attempt to integrate the musician and the music in my paintings.



Recent Exhibition

Exhibition Title _3Exhibition of paintings at the Royal Pump Rooms Leamington Spa 3-10 May

Leamington Music May Festival 2019

Thursday 2 May Transport the boards and hang the paintings – thanks to helpful friends

Friday 3 May at 1pm I gave the Friday Focus talk in the Art Gallery.  After talking about the painting in the Art Gallery, I took everyone round the exhibition in the Conservatory.

me talking

Tasmin Little opened the Festival and Exhibition before giving a wonderful performance with Russian pianist Andrey Gugnin.

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The majority of paintings were acrylic on canvas along with 9 small Digital Originals.  These were from drawings made in concerts then created on a Microsoft Surface using the Fresh Paint programme.

Some people look at the paintings ….. and some people just sit!


Friday 10 May a Reception was held for the major sponsors Presto Music after the final wonderful Takacs Quartet concert with an opportunity to meet the musicians.

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Saturday 11 May take exhibition down with help of a friend









The big painting is done!


‘Ensemble 360 perform Martinu Wind Sextet H174’  acrylic on canvas 5′ x 3′

Hung in Leamington Art Gallery at end April in time for the May Music Festival 3-10 May, along with some drawings and pastels to keep it company.  Comes down on 10 June.


The finale of the piece had a jazzy feel with syncopated rhythm which I tried to create by offsetting the scores on their music stands, and offsetting shapes in other areas too.  The lines criss crossing equate to the way the musicians relate to each other as they play.

The composition was specifically designed to fit the the arched alcove.  BBC R3 recorded  their microphones offered a useful structural element.   The wall colour had to be taken into consideration as well.

I was enchanted to see some musicians performing underneath the painting at the launch event of Warwickshire Open Studios on 7 June